1. Publicity and Public Relations.
  2. Government Hospitality.
  3. Promotion of national integration and cultural activities and organization of relevant seminars and symposia.
  4. Administration of press Laws relating to newspapers, books, magazines, pamphlets, posters, etc. and printing presses, excepting the functions etc., entrusted to the Home Department.
  5. Control on the reproduction (Publication/printing) of books and literary works of foreign origin.
  6. Enforcement of Motion Pictures Laws and the rules framed there under.
  7. Observance of national days, in collaboration with S&GAD.
  8. Policy and procedure regarding release of official and semi-official advertisements through media of press.
  9. Public Opinion Survey.
  10. Liaison with newspapers, news Agencies, Radio and Television.
  11. Facilities for journalistic profession including accreditation of Press Correspondents and Press photographers, etc.
  12. Films and documentaries, including permission for exhibition of films of foreign Embassies/Missions.
  13. Reference, research and publication relating to publicity material.
  14. Co-ordination with the Government of Pakistan on all matters relating to press, publicity and protocol.
  15. Promotion of Art, Culture and Literature.
  16. Financial Aid to the bereaved families of Journalists and eminent “Men of Letters.”
  17. Grant-in-Aid to Cultural and Literary Bodies.
  18. Development of Schemes pertaining to Art and Culture.
  19. Purchase of Stores and capital goods for the Department.
  20. Service matters except those entrusted to Services and General Administration Department.