History of DGPR

The Directorate General Of Public Relations has a long chequered history which merits recapitulation and re-collection to understand the changes, it has undergone since its inception. The Department of Public Relations was established just after the emergence of Azad Jammu & Kashmir Revolutionary Government in October, 1947.
The first official agency was named as Information Department for disseminating information with its head Chief Publicity Officer. This department was the main publicity arm of the Azad Jammu &Kashmir Government that worked under Director Information till 1992-93. In 1994 the Directorate was upgraded to Directorate General Public Relations that maintained a liaison with the press to feed them with official and government news.
The Headquarters at Muzaffarabad draws extensive support from the Press Information News& publication section, photo & Films section, Research and References, Press Laws, Advertisement and Technical Sections and Electronic Media Section in performing its duties. It also essentially deals with dissemination of Information, Public Relations and Protocol duties, focusing mainly on projection of official policies, activities and development programs through issuance of handouts, Press notes and through maintaining a close liaison with the press. It also keeps the Government informed about the reaction of the people either favorable or hostile towards its policies through an elaborate feedback system.